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About Equabass Patterns


I have played several instruments in several bands for several years, and taught several pupils to get doing the same thing.
I also built quite a few instruments, amplifiers, effects, and pickups along the way.
These days, I am trying to concentrate on fewer things at once, which has been disastrous.

Here I'm edging toward a better understanding of what can be expected from a small bass rig, rather like calculating where to trim the next few grams off a racing bike.

I have a nice compact bass, and I would like to have a compact full-range speaker cabinet in my regular set-up. This will warrant some kind of boosting preamp, which should include other functions while I'm at it.

Logging my progress, my lack of it, and the paths which are dead-ends, has helped me say, “Ah, of course!” many times, and the way forward has become a little clearer, if not faster.

Project support

So instead of sharpening a chisel, I'm reading books on web sites, because this web site needs a great big SUGGESTIONS AND COMMENTS WELCOME method.